The Wisława Szymborska Foundation announces a call for submissions for the 7th Wisława Szymborska Award. In 2019 the Award will be given only for a book of poetry written in Polish and published in 2018.

Under the Rules, the Award for a foreign book of poetry translated into Polish is granted every other year, and therefore will be given in this category in 2020.

The decision on the selection of the Laureate of the 7th Wisława Szymborska Award will be made by the Award Committee, whose membership has partly changed since last year. As always, its members include literary studies scholars, critics and translators from Poland and abroad: Andrej Chadanowicz (Belarus), Javier Farre (Spain), Wojciech Ligęza (Poland), Antonia Lloyd-Jones (United Kingdom), Karol Maliszewski (Poland), Alina Świeściak (Poland), and Dorota Walczak-Delanois (Poland and Belgium).

The winners of the Wisława Szymborska Award in previous years were: Krystyna Dąbrowska, Łukasz Jarosz, Julia Hartwig, Roman Honet, Jacek Podsiadło, Jakub Kornhauser and Uroš Zupan (and his translators, Katarzyna Šalamun-Biedrzycka and Miłosz Biedrzycki), Marcin Sendecki, Julia Fiedorczuk, and Linn Hansén (and her translator, Justyna Czechowska).

The books can be submitted by post to the Foundation’s address by 15 January 2019. A submission should include 8 copies of the book of poetry in printed form plus a PDF file. Only books with an ISBN will be accepted.

The Award Rules (in Polish) can be accessed at